Frequently Asked Questions

Black Gate Hunting.

You will find some common questions with answers regarding billing, products, and Black Gate Hunting

How often and I billed?
Your billing cycle will start when you register your first camera. From there, you will be automatically charged every 30-day period for your active devices.

When I add an additional device will be I charged again on my billing cycle?
All devices after your first cameras are automatically eligible for a prorated amount. If you add a new camera within 14 days of your billing cycle date, you may be charged only a prorated amount for the first month of the new camera. You will be charged the data rate you choose for that device instantly during your checkout of the additional device.

Why do I have to add my payment information before I can manage my devices?
Moving forward, we want to ensure there is no break in services for our customers. Enforcing that payment information is provided upfront creates a seamless billing system for You and Us.

I already added my payment information before. Why do I have to do it again?
We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Our new system was able to migrate most customer information but some things could not be transferred. You will only have to enter a payment method once.