Firmware Downloads

Black Gate Hunting.

Most of the time, Black Gate will be able to push firmware over the air (OTA). In some cases, you may want to manually update the Firmware on your device. Below you will find firmware for your Black Gate Devices. Be sure to download the appropriate firmware for your device.

R4G Celluar Device

Firmware Instructions

  1. Download the appropriate firmware file for your device to your computer.
  2. Insert your device’s SD card into your computer.
  3. Unzip the firmware file you downloaded.
  4. Copy both files to the root of your SD card.
  5. Put the SD Card into your device and power on the device.
  6. When prompted to upgrade firmware, select “Yes”.
  7. Wait for the firmware update to complete. DO NOT TURN YOUR DEVICE OFF UNTIL THE UPGRADE IS COMPLETE.
  8. After a success message, your device will be updated and will be ready to use.