Device Settings Window Stuck Loading

Support Knowledge

In the case where the settings window on the device is frozen and won’t load, there may be an issue with the encoding of the settings.

The main cause of this is special characters in the device name. Sometimes these characters can be hidden making it hard to track down.

Solution 1

Run the Device Diagnostic Tool. If the tool identifies that there are any issues, it will tell you in the report. The diagnostic tool will also attempt to repair the issue by renaming the device and updating the last known settings in our system. At this point, have the user visit the settings window in the app again and update the device name and then save.

If the customer has the device in hand, have them restart the device to initiate the settings update manually during startup. Verify the settings were updated and that the app setting window works as intended.

Note: There may be a brief period during the startup where the issue comes back momentarily.